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Five Photographers That Capture The Obvious

Ben Crawford is a traveling photographer and he takes great shots on his adventures. I love how he captures people on vacations, just relaxing. Follow him @BCrawfordPhoto

Kristi Hines takes amazing photographs….they are breathtaking. You’ll have to go to her site and see for yourself! Follow her @kristihines

Andrea Johnson takes pictures of her clients, at their most vulnerable, when they are pregnant. It’s beautiful how she shoots the women! Follow her @maternitybaby1

Andy Garfitt is a wedding photographer that captures the whole wedding, even the small details that seem trivial. Follow him @AndyGarfitt

Jessica Klingelfuss is a fashion photographer and I love her edgy work! Follow her @mintred

Photographers That Stand Out Among The Crowd

1. Ivan Luckie does a great job of capturing that special moment couples share with each other. I like how he brings out the fun in his photos. Follow his @Ivanluckie

2. What I love about Brian Smith’s photos is that he has a head shot of his subjects, and then a quote on the other side of the shot, that the celebrity wrote about art. Follow him @briansmithphoto

3. Mark Delong’s shots are so clear and crisp. My favorite photos of his are ones that he shows in motion. Follow him @MarkDeLongPhoto

4. Jennifer Tai takes beautiful wedding photos. She does close up of her subjects to the right of her photos and has beautiful scenery in the background. Follow her @jennifertai

5. I love how Melissa Johnstone brings her subjects to life through the photographs. She does amazing couple shots that captures the love they have for each other. Follow her @Sugarsoulphoto

Photographers of their own genre

1. One of my favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz. She started her career with Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone. The way she captures her subjects is impeccable, especially in the latest Disney Ad Campaign. I think Annie is highly revered and has done wonderful things in her photography career! Follow Annie @annieleibovitz

2. Another one of my favorite photographers is Anne Geddes. Her images of children and babies posed in idyllic ways, has always captured my attention. She truly knows how to photograph the most vulnerable and define their innocence. Follow her @annegeddestweet

3. I think Nick Saglimbeni’s photos are very modern and cutting edge. I love the rawness that he brings from his subjects. One of his most famous photos is the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card. Follow him @NickSaglimbeni

4. From appearing on America’s Next Top Model to photographing Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and Josh Duhamel, to his amazing fashion shots, Jerry Avenaim really captures the essence of uniqueness. Follow him @avenaim

5. Daniel Goncalves is a photographer specializing in commercial, editorial & sports photography and is a photo editor/chief photographer for EU Jacksonville Newspaper. I love sports, so his pictures immediately drew me in. Goncalves captures athletes at their finest! Follow him @fotobia

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