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Scream 4- 4.15.11!

I am so excited to see Scream 4 on 4/15/11!

Highlights of my Project

I have never watched as many movies as I did in about the month span, since starting the project. I tried to watch at least 3 to 4 movies a week and review them. I am also a workout fanatic so I threw in a few workout DVD’s I reviewed such as Be a Knockout with Kendra, Mari Windsor Pilates, Xtreme Timesaver Training with Jackie Warner and Totally Fit with Mel B.  The pages I have at the top are About the Site, Movies Reviewed and Trailers. I added a category bar on the right side of the site to take viewers directly to Movies Reviewed or Workout DVD’s. On the right side of the site I also added local movies theaters, new releases to DVD and new release at the theater. I wanted my site to have as much helpful information to movie buffs as possible!

The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking

I want my career to eventually be in screenplay writing, so I did my project on reviewing movies and workout videos, since I am a workout fanatic! My website is titled “The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking.” I thought this was a perfect movie review title because some movies are good, some are bad and some are just plain disastrous! At the top of my website I have pages for movies reviewed and trailers, so it’s easily accessible for visitors. I thought I should add a trailer for the movies I reviewed so that people can see for themselves a little bit more about the movie. From widgets I added a side bar from Social Vibe to help support abused animals because I am an avid animal lover and it’s a cause that is close to my heart. (more…)

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