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Please make your blog look pretty if you want traffic/readership!

I agree with the article that Firefox is the best browser to use. I used to use Internet Explorer (IE) and I found that it took too long to load pages and switch between sites I was looking at. I was annoyed and frustrated with IE since I had high speed Internet, yet IE wasn’t moving at a high speed! When I started using Firefox the sites I went to loaded faster and it wasn’t so annoying to wait for IE to load. I am surprised that there aren’t more than 31% of Internet users, using Firefox. (more…)

800 Words and to the Point!

Jonathan Dube has eight great bullet points for Writing News Online. First you need to know your audience. Are you writing for sports fans, foodies, fashion, mom’s, tweens, bieber fans; make sure to know the habits of your readers. Then, what would be the best way to go about reporting the story? For sports fans you would want audio and video, for example. How can you compliment the story you are reporting? Possibly a great lead in? Write tight and passively and stick to one idea per sentence. Do explain! Not just what happened but why it matters to your readers. Where’s your lead? Don’t bury it! No mish-mash here! The story needs to make sense, to EVERYONE reading it. Finally keep it short but sweet. Dube explains that Roy Peter Clark has written a wonderful essay arguing that any story can be told in 800 words — a good guideline for online writing.

Will we always want to hear what our friends had for breakfast?

Steven Johnson’s article “How Will Twitter Change the Way We Live” paints a hopeful picture that Twitter will be here to stay. Will we always want to hear what our friends had for breakfast or what celebrities are doing for fun? Twitter is a one stop shop for all the information you want, based on who you follow.
Johnson explains that injecting Twitter into a conversation fundamentally changes the rules of engagement; it adds a second layer of discussion and brings a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. Yet will Twitter meet its fate like Friendster and MySpace, when the tweens and those using Twitter get bored, and move onto the next social media invention? But Johnson think that in the coming years every major channel with be Twitterfied with News & Opinion, Searching, Advertising and End-User Innovation.
I think Twitter is a catchy, easy, social media tool to get your message out to a broad audience, and fast. I do think there will be another social media tool in the coming years that Twitter has to contend with.

Six Amazing Reporters to Follow

The following 6 are journalists I think are relevant to what I’m interested in and report on topics that I want to know more about.

1. Anastasia Ashman who is a  Berkeley native, and  capitalizes on a countercultural upbringing, 14 years of expatriatism (Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul) and a decade in mainstream media and entertainment (NYC, LA). I think Ashman sounds very interesting has a well-rounded background and she is a cultural entertainment writer/producer. I’m very interested in becoming a producers someday and I love entertainment! Follow her @Thandelike

2. Hermonie Way is the Silicoon Valley Video Director for TNW, Founder Newspepper.com & Techfluff.TV. I am following her because she is young and seems to know about new media and I’m interested to hear what she has to say. Follow her @hermioneway

3. Nancy O’Dell is the Co-Anchor of Entertainment Tonight, the #1 syndicated magazine show. I am following her because I love everything that has to do with entertainment! Follow her at @NancyODell

4. Erin Andrews is  a “Good Morning America” correspondent and I think she is a great reporter, and that’s why I want to follow her on twitter. Follow her @ErinAndrews

5. Lauren Rozyla is a KFOX-14 News Reporter in El Paso. She went to college in downtown Chicago. She worked for over a year investigating a police shooting – uncovering facts police detectives missed. That article was eventually published in the Chicago Tribune. While in school, she also won a student Emmy for her live coverage of President Barack Obama’s campaign on election night. I want to follow Lauren because it sounds like she is very intelligent and has a lot of worldly experience. Follow her @LaurenKFOX14

6. Jenni Hogan is the weekday morning traffic anchor on KIRO-7 from 4:30am to 8am. She recently appeared on National TV, as a correspondent on CBS’s “Fashion Night Out 2010″ and just founded GoGirl Academy a career acceleration program for women. I think Jenni’s ventures are amazing and I want to follow her because she reports about topics that interest me! Follow her @jennihogan

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