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Audio Assignment #2

A)    The New York Times has an article by Dennis Rosen, M.D. titled Without His Mother’s Milk, a Haitian Boy is Lost. The story was very heartfelt to me because Haitian women don’t breast-feed their babies because they believe in “bad milk” — “lèt gate,” in Creole. As Rosen explains it is one of the main reasons for the premature stopping of breast-feeding in Haiti, often with deadly consequences for the infant deprived of safe and dependable nourishment. This story really caught my attention and so I wanted to interview someone on this to get their opinion, particularly someone in the medical field/social worker.

My goal is to draw attention to the problem of malnutrition in Haiti and what it is doing to the babies. I didn’t have any reporting challenges except to find someone to interview.

B)    I prepared the lady I am interviewing by giving her the article and some questions that I want to ask. I met the goals I wanted to because I like this topic better than my original one on Donald Trump potentially running for president in 2012. I learned that being a reporter is very challenging and time consuming, with all the tools you have to use to edit the interview to make it sound interesting. If I had a chance to redo this assignment, I would have looked for a better editing tool than audacity.

What’s In A Photo?

I think this photo is very clear, crisp and to the point. The woman in the photo is wearing a green shirt that says “SAVE TREES” and she’s reading the Seattle Weekly. The photo from Seattle Weekly tells it all, with the color scheme and the way she’s posing.

This photo from CNN Miami is very poignant and shows readers the disaster that is happening and someone was there to capture it. It evokes a sadness in me as I look at it.

This photo is very intense, even though it is fuzzy, it shows a mother who can’t breast feed her son and therefore he could die without her milk. Here’s a link to the story from the NY Times where the photo is clearer.

I think this photo from Foxnews.com is plain and does nothing for me. It’s a photo of a homeless woman charge with larceny. Just a photo of her is not effective for the story. I think it would have been better to see her in handcuffs or outside the courthouse.

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