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Good Short Video Stories

The video titled Eating up jobs is a good example of a short video because this video has a good interview with someone who switched careers to culinary school and she is explaining why. It shows students cooking and yummy food! The reporter interviews someone who successfully got hired at a top restaurant-which shows that culinary students can do it!

The video Mom get child support after 30 years is very emotional. There are many close ups of her, crying, which makes the viewer feel her emotion. I also think showing a photo of the ladies daughters brings a sense of realness to the video and something a lot of moms can relate to.

I think the video Women entrepreneurs find growth is something a lot of people can relate to. The lady being interviewed in shown with a circle of children around her as she explains the benefits to growing vegetables. The entrepreneur in this video used to be in PR but traded in her office job for the “farm.” I like how down to earth the video is and how it relates to many civilians.

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