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5 More Great Journalists!

Another five journalists I want to follow:

@CNNkimsegal because she is a CNN Miami Journalist and has an amazing travel blog. I have a passion to travel someday, after I have been established at my career.

@andersoncooper because I think he is an amazing journalist and discusses important and interesting topics and is very direct in his reporting.

@margaretnewday because Margaret Larson is so nice and genuine. I met her in person on the set of A New Day Northwest and really like how casual and calm she is!

@Hunkies_News. I found Joanna Hunkin through searching other journalists followers and when I saw Joanna’s picture she looked so fun and lively that I had to follow her! Plus she is an entertainment reporter and I love to read about celebrities!

@poisonivyTV. Natalie Zfat works for Poison Ivy and it’s a blog all about entertainment news. Which I love!

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