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What an AWESOME Music Video

Loving’ The Leather Jacket w/Studs!

I love, love, love the leather jacket with studs that Britney wears in her Till The World Ends video!

Who’s Excited for The Hangover II????

I know I am!


Burlesque, A Must See!

I just saw Burlesque last night and I have to say that Cher, Christina and the whole cast did an amazing job! I was enthralled and entertained the whole time. It’s a must see!


Khloe and Lamar This Sunday!

Anyone excited for Khloe and Lamar’s premier on Sunday???



Scream 4- 4.15.11!

I am so excited to see Scream 4 on 4/15/11!

Sexy White Suit

I love this sexy white suite that Amy Adams is wearing! It’s great for a night on the town or a business meeting!


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