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Effective and Non-Effective Multimedia Stories

“Good” stories:

The Science  of the Spill by Rob Harris & Leslie Kaufman. I think this is a good multimedia story because as the reporter is telling the story, the video is also capturing the story, which I think is very effective. The video also shows a helpless bird covered in oil, which I think would make anyone’s heart ache.

Planes collide on Tarmac at JFK as posted by a Seattle PI reporter. I don’t think this story could have been told any other way; without showing a video of the crash. It was helpful to have commentary while viewing what was going on.

CBS Evening News reports on Children of the Recession. I think this is a good multimedia story because the video shows what the recession is doing to the classroom of this high school in California. The video features a couple students explaining what the recession has done to their lives. So often we just hear about the people who were working and how it has affected their lives, not how it is affecting the lives of their children. I thought it was very poignant for the viewer.

“Bad” stories:

Floating debris from Japan will wash up on U.S. coast (NPR) I  of thought that the photo that went along with the article really didn’t show me much about the debris, since it was computer animated. A live shot or video of the debris would have been more helpful to see how it’s affecting the coast.

Dr. Oz Continues to Make Gains With 700-Pound Woman
This story only caught my attention because of the headline, but an image to go along with this story out have been the icing on the cake. I would like to see what this women looked like at 700 pounds and a photo of the progress she has made since.

Kids Claim Abuse and Violence at Juvenile Lockup Thompson Academy This story didn’t have any impact on me. I think a video of the children claiming abuse or images of these children would have been beneficial. There was just two images of male representatives, which I don’t think tied into the effect the story could have had.

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