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The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking

I want my career to eventually be in screenplay writing, so I did my project on reviewing movies and workout videos, since I am a workout fanatic! My website is titled “The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking.” I thought this was a perfect movie review title because some movies are good, some are bad and some are just plain disastrous! At the top of my website I have pages for movies reviewed and trailers, so it’s easily accessible for visitors. I thought I should add a trailer for the movies I reviewed so that people can see for themselves a little bit more about the movie. From widgets I added a side bar from Social Vibe to help support abused animals because I am an avid animal lover and it’s a cause that is close to my heart. (more…)

Chelsea Handler Rocks!

I have to confess….I watched Chelsea Handler for the first time last night and she is hilarious! I didn’t know she was that funny. She is my new favorite comedienne! Go Chelsea!

Who Could be the 10 Highest Paid Reality Celebrities??

Check out who the 10 highest paid reality stars were this year. Can you guess the #1 paid celeb? I bet you can! Read the full article at twirlit.com.

Thank You WordPress

I just wanted to mention what great customer service WordPress has. I had an a technical issue that I couldn’t figure out and I emailed WordPress and my matter was solved in less than 5 minutes!  Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving

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