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About Me & My Goals

My name is Stephanie Long and I am in this class to learn all I can about digital media and to start a blog of my own that relates to my job field.

Change of Technologies Over Time

Reading these articles reminded me of the years of changes that I’ve been through; moreover the articles made me think about all the technological changes I have seen in my short life. The article, Technologies of the Third Mediamorphosis made a good point about how the process of technologies does not occur instantaneously but takes awhile to fully emerge. I thought about the merge of VHS’s to DVD’s, Nintendo to Xbox and tapes to CD’s. I fought each change, not wanting to convert my technologies to the latest push from large conglomerates. Inevitably in the end, I converted and the large corporations got their way. Now it seems that new technological advances ease their way into our lives just as the post office feeds us ads through our mailbox or the web overruns our computer with pop-up ads. (more…)

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