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Rolling Out the Newest Level of Online Journalism

I really like that blogging has taken off. What I like about blogging is that it offers “civilians” like me, a chance to voice my opinions without going through radio channels, news channels, magazine and newspaper editors, etc. It will be interesting to see in the future, if television and newspapers will be fading out as the go to site for news, and bloggers and YouTube videos will be the pseudo journalists? Are [media outlets] ready to learn something from Hollywood, as the Online Journalism Review writes? (more…)

Should Quality or Quantity Count in the Social Media World?

I found it surprisingly interesting that McKinsey’s research conducted in Germany finds that motives such as desire for fame was a 65% cause for people wanting to participate in uploading videos. Not just with video sharing sites, but also for bloggers, I think this is the main cause for using or starting a site. Perez Hilton is a prime example, showing how starting a blog can lead you to fame. Also bloggers that tag other photos or share them, leave posts, comments, or rants on blogs, their information is getting seen by many people and I also think their motivation is to get fame, sometimes whether it is go or bad. (more…)

In a World of Sue Happy People, You Need to Find Your Voice

I found the article “Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers)” by Dan Gillmor very insightful and astonishing. I can’t believe how cruel and sue happy this world has become; well I kind of can given the infamous “spilled coffee” incident at McDonald’s. I think people need to realize that where ever and whatever you publish in the world; your writing is subject to cruelty and criticism. Glenn Reynolds states that blogging tends to be more about opinion than reporting (194), and having the privilege of starting blogs to instigate your freedom of speech can open up flood gates to fuel the fire for attack. One-hundred percent of the world is not going to agree with what a person has to say and for every ten comments on a blog there is one negative one. You have to expect it as a blogger and take it with a grain of salt. That’s why I think it was ridiculous that Ticketmaster sued Microsoft because they deep linked directly to the ticket page than to their homepage. People just have to find any little thing to sue and then run with it. I think Microsoft was doing Ticketmaster a favor by evening linking to their site in the first place. I cannot say how annoyed this made me when I read it, especially when all Ticketmaster had to do was stop referrals. (more…)

Social Media: Sweeping the World by Storm

The discussion topic for my group on Tuesday October 26 was, at what point should professional journalists and news broadcasters be given sole reporting authority for a story? In today’s whirlwind of social media and the endless ways of connecting and publishing on blogs, websites, etc, I don’t think there is a way to give broadcasters the sole responsibility of reporting. Even if broadcasters were the only ones reporting a story there would still be people who would find their own way of reporting, via their facebook, twitter, myspace, or blog account. Ben Lorica reports that there are over 300 million active users on facebook right now and with that enormous amount of users and the numbers growing, there’s no way to control the surge of amateur reporting. (more…)

Yesterday’s Out, Today’s In

The web today is an emergence of radio, books, television, shopping, writing, reading, skyping, learning; you name it Google or Bing can find it. The interaction of reading and writing on the Web has made it the sweeping phenomenon that it has become today. Not only can I read about events/stories/experiences on my favorite blogs, but I can interact and post my comments/suggestions/stories. The rise of the mutual want to get intimate on the Web is what makes this central port a means for all information that is at our fingertips. Dan Gillmor in his chapter titled “The Read-Write Web” was explaining how he got his coverage of the recent presidential campaign, while in Hong Kong from several different sources that ranged from CNN, to newspaper’s websites in the States and articles on the Web about the election. I also get my news from a range of different sites. (more…)

Is Social Media Failing Us?

Shane Richmond’s article titled, “Ours, Theirs and the Bloggers’ Zones: Compatible, Yet Different” made some very interesting points that I had not thought about. Richmond explains that describing someone as a Sun reader implies certain things about them that are very different from the assumptions one would make about a Mail reader or a Guardian reader. These same assumptions can be made about people who read magazines. I read In Touch because I love celebrity gossip (it’s my mindless indulgence), I read Cosmopolitan and I subscribe to Lucky so that I can see the latest shopping finds and deals. Just based off the magazines I read, one can make a good assumption about my personality. Magazine genres range from cooking, to design, to tattoo, to relationships, to gossip and I think define people’s characteristics. (more…)

Blogging of the Future

I immediately felt my heart sink, reading the first paragraph of James Marino’s post as he writes tick, tick…BOOM! I felt as if I had transposed back in time, back to September 11, 2001. I was getting ready for school when my grandma screamed at me from the living room, “A terrorist has crashed a plane into the twin towers!” The hairs on the back of my head stood up and my body became encased in goose bumps. This is it I thought, our world is coming to an end. (more…)

About Me & My Goals

My name is Stephanie Long and I am in this class to learn all I can about digital media and to start a blog of my own that relates to my job field.

Change of Technologies Over Time

Reading these articles reminded me of the years of changes that I’ve been through; moreover the articles made me think about all the technological changes I have seen in my short life. The article, Technologies of the Third Mediamorphosis made a good point about how the process of technologies does not occur instantaneously but takes awhile to fully emerge. I thought about the merge of VHS’s to DVD’s, Nintendo to Xbox and tapes to CD’s. I fought each change, not wanting to convert my technologies to the latest push from large conglomerates. Inevitably in the end, I converted and the large corporations got their way. Now it seems that new technological advances ease their way into our lives just as the post office feeds us ads through our mailbox or the web overruns our computer with pop-up ads. (more…)

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