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Six Amazing Reporters to Follow

The following 6 are journalists I think are relevant to what I’m interested in and report on topics that I want to know more about.

1. Anastasia Ashman who is a  Berkeley native, and  capitalizes on a countercultural upbringing, 14 years of expatriatism (Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul) and a decade in mainstream media and entertainment (NYC, LA). I think Ashman sounds very interesting has a well-rounded background and she is a cultural entertainment writer/producer. I’m very interested in becoming a producers someday and I love entertainment! Follow her @Thandelike

2. Hermonie Way is the Silicoon Valley Video Director for TNW, Founder Newspepper.com & Techfluff.TV. I am following her because she is young and seems to know about new media and I’m interested to hear what she has to say. Follow her @hermioneway

3. Nancy O’Dell is the Co-Anchor of Entertainment Tonight, the #1 syndicated magazine show. I am following her because I love everything that has to do with entertainment! Follow her at @NancyODell

4. Erin Andrews is  a “Good Morning America” correspondent and I think she is a great reporter, and that’s why I want to follow her on twitter. Follow her @ErinAndrews

5. Lauren Rozyla is a KFOX-14 News Reporter in El Paso. She went to college in downtown Chicago. She worked for over a year investigating a police shooting – uncovering facts police detectives missed. That article was eventually published in the Chicago Tribune. While in school, she also won a student Emmy for her live coverage of President Barack Obama’s campaign on election night. I want to follow Lauren because it sounds like she is very intelligent and has a lot of worldly experience. Follow her @LaurenKFOX14

6. Jenni Hogan is the weekday morning traffic anchor on KIRO-7 from 4:30am to 8am. She recently appeared on National TV, as a correspondent on CBS’s “Fashion Night Out 2010″ and just founded GoGirl Academy a career acceleration program for women. I think Jenni’s ventures are amazing and I want to follow her because she reports about topics that interest me! Follow her @jennihogan

Highlights of my Project

I have never watched as many movies as I did in about the month span, since starting the project. I tried to watch at least 3 to 4 movies a week and review them. I am also a workout fanatic so I threw in a few workout DVD’s I reviewed such as Be a Knockout with Kendra, Mari Windsor Pilates, Xtreme Timesaver Training with Jackie Warner and Totally Fit with Mel B.  The pages I have at the top are About the Site, Movies Reviewed and Trailers. I added a category bar on the right side of the site to take viewers directly to Movies Reviewed or Workout DVD’s. On the right side of the site I also added local movies theaters, new releases to DVD and new release at the theater. I wanted my site to have as much helpful information to movie buffs as possible!

The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking

I want my career to eventually be in screenplay writing, so I did my project on reviewing movies and workout videos, since I am a workout fanatic! My website is titled “The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking.” I thought this was a perfect movie review title because some movies are good, some are bad and some are just plain disastrous! At the top of my website I have pages for movies reviewed and trailers, so it’s easily accessible for visitors. I thought I should add a trailer for the movies I reviewed so that people can see for themselves a little bit more about the movie. From widgets I added a side bar from Social Vibe to help support abused animals because I am an avid animal lover and it’s a cause that is close to my heart. (more…)

Buy a Diary and Hand Write Your Secrets

In the article Blogging as Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Weblog the people being quoted are all out raged that their blogs had been read and violated. I find it surprising that they are outraged, because nothing on the internet is secret, not even your bank account. People need to be more careful about what they air to the public. The high school student who said that the FBI had been reading her blog said she had “only told a few friends about her blog and didn’t intend for it to reach a wider audience.” I think anything put on the web is fair game and anyone can search it, unless you put it on privacy settings. If people really want to write a diary the best way to do so without a person finding out your secrets is to go about it the old school way and buy a diary and hand write in it. (more…)

Stop Exercising your Fingers on the Keyboard; Get OUT and Exercise!

I think people need to start working out more. America has gotten fat and as 60 minutes writes “obesity is about to become this country’s leading cause of preventable death.” America is so obsessed with digital media that I feel it would take an anchor to get most people away from their computers. Don’t get me wrong I love my computer, but there is only so many hours that I can sit hunched over my computer, coffee in hand obsessing when the next blog post will come from my favorite websites. Get out and do some form of exercise 30 minutes everyday. In a world were we are all connected by a computer, it’s good to take a break from social media and relax and focus on yourself. (more…)

Violence in the Media

I wanted to share a video my group and I did in my com 201 class about violence in the media, which I think is a persuasive video on the effects of violence in the media on children.

Will WikiLeaks Make It?

In light of our class discussion on Thursday about WikiLeaks, I thought the article, “WikiLeaks Struggles to Stay Online After Attacks,” was very appropriate. The article goes on to discuss how WikiLeaks is having trouble with hackers and Amazon isn’t helping because they say that WikiLeaks violated its terms of service (2). (more…)

5 Different Ideas, All Encompassing the World of Social Media

The five posts I read were Cammy’s, Kathleen’s, Carrie’s, Marci’s and Sean’s.

All identified how nice it is to get and receive news, coupons/deals, information, etc, by all the different expedient websites. I have never heard of LivingSocial.com or Groupon.com, until reading Cammy’s post and her presentation. I checked out Groupon and I have to say that I found it a bit confusing and there weren’t many deals offered at one time, you have to keep checking back for deals. This site seems very time consuming, you could spend all day constantly checking back for coupons. I like the site retailmenot.com because it gives you a list of coupons from your favorite store. It is unlikely that I will visit Groupon again. (more…)

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