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Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Watch and see what gift my mom will get for Mother’s Day! (more…)


Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake Photo Story

A) My visual story shows the steps to making my mom a Mother’s Day cheesecake. I wanted to get crisp shots that showed how I made my mom the cheesecake. Not only did I want this to be for my photo story, but I wanted something that my mom can look at forever! The cheesecake was eaten, but she can always look at the story behind the making of the peanut butter swirl cheesecake! It was challenging to get shots of the whole cooking process, and I thought I might not get a shot of my mom eating her cheesecake but in the end, it all came together!

B) I was happy with all the shots I used for the photo story and am glad I was able to see my mom on Mother’s Day, because initially I wasn’t going to be able to. The cheesecake was hard to make! So if I was to redo this project, I would have picked something easier to bake! What I learned doing this project is that it  is very hard to take shots that tell a story. I wish I would have wrote out what shots I would need for the story, instead of just starting to take photos. Because after I got start making the cheesecake, I was having a challenging time deciding what pictures would be best.

Five Photographers That Capture The Obvious

Ben Crawford is a traveling photographer and he takes great shots on his adventures. I love how he captures people on vacations, just relaxing. Follow him @BCrawfordPhoto

Kristi Hines takes amazing photographs….they are breathtaking. You’ll have to go to her site and see for yourself! Follow her @kristihines

Andrea Johnson takes pictures of her clients, at their most vulnerable, when they are pregnant. It’s beautiful how she shoots the women! Follow her @maternitybaby1

Andy Garfitt is a wedding photographer that captures the whole wedding, even the small details that seem trivial. Follow him @AndyGarfitt

Jessica Klingelfuss is a fashion photographer and I love her edgy work! Follow her @mintred

Photo-a-day Project

What I learned from the photo-a-day project is that it takes several shots to get the right shot. I had fun experimenting with different angles with my camera, but realized that taking pictures is a lot harder than it seems. My dad was a photographer for fun, when I was little and he had a dark room to develop his photos, so I have always been interested in photography and capturing those “special” or “right” moments. I learned to keep your subject in the center of your lens, so it was a little different for me to put subjects off to an angle, in the background, or foreground, etc. It was a challenge to portray my subject, different from how I had learned to capture them. I think it was interesting to learn how much you can capture in a photograph and how your audience has so many different interpretations of it.

Stream of Water

A Sea of Cars

Project Idea

The idea I have for my project is to bake a cake for my mom, and since Mother’s Day is Sunday I thought this would be a great idea! I would show the steps, it will take for me to back the cake, with my camera such as leaving my house, getting in my car, going to the store for ingredients and then the making of the cake. I don’t really think there is a way to incorporate the work I am doing for the photo slideshare assignment into my final project because my final project is going to be a different topic/subject.

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