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The Future Of Twitter

I learned that Twitter can be used for so many different things: to find jobs, brand yourself, brand your company, brand a company you work for, connect with people, share ideas, photos, stories, fashion and the list goes on. Personally, Twitter doesn’t do much for me because I don’t have something to brand. I definitely agree that Twitter is great to help brand your company. I sew and knit and have been working on projects, so I see Twitter as a very useful online platform to post pictures of my designs to get my brand out to many people. Until I have something interesting and useful to my brand to post, I won’t be using Twitter.

The one thing I don’t like about Twitter is that you can’t contact people who don’t follow you. I would use Twitter, after this Journalism class, if this feature was available. Being able to contact people who don’t follow you would be very helpful to students like me, who want to contact companies or people for jobs. I think Twitter is a very useful tool to find jobs and contact people, if only I could contact the people I wanted to! I was really inspired by the article #TwitterGetsYouHired: A Response To @nytkeller’s ‘#TwitterMakesYouDumb’ yet I can’t reach out to those I want to hire me! There are many people from companies all around the country that I want to contact, yet cannot. I have also learned that it is very hard to write a tweet in 140 words or less!

I think Twitter, as a tool for journalists, in the future is a great idea to be able to get your story, picture, video, or to let your audience know what you’re covering and if you’re on TV, when you will be on. Twitter is great for journalists to get information right to the web. I follow Ainsley Earhardt and she posted a tweet that she will be on FOX News Channel at 2:30 AM covering the latest on the tornado. That is very helpful for me to know when to watch her. Yet, with all online platforms, I don’t foresee Twitter having a long shelf life, but some other tool being invented that comes along and takes its place. Think about Friendster and MySpace, just to name a couple platforms that are has-bens. For now and as long as Twitter is alive and thriving, I think it is a great tool for journalists, but for me particularly, I much prefer going to websites and blogs to get the news. Yet for journalists who want to be the first to cover an assignment, Twitter helps that happen by the immediacy of being able to post and sign your name to the news article or picture.

Twitter as a tool for citizens, I think it will die out. I think people will get sick of reading what people ate for lunch or what people are randomly thinking, such as a tweet by Andrea Lavinthal, who I follow. Lavinthal tweeted: “My brother just told me that my hair looks like Jennifer Anistons. Assuming he needs to borrow a large sum of money.” I think that is irrelevant and who really cares to know that! This is obviously just my personal opinion, but I don’t see citizens posting on Twitter for years to come. I think Twitter, more than anything for citizens, will turn into more of a branding tool, such as Kitty Cheung is doing. On her Twitter page she promotes herself as a graphic designer. As I wrote about earlier, I will only use Twitter to post the clothing I design. So I see Twitter phasing out of people posting thoughts to using Twitter to really brand themselves.

As for news organizations and their future on Twitter, I think it is a great tool, as with journalists, to post breaking news and up to the minute information, since Twitter is in real time. I think for news organizations Twitter is here to stay because for busy people they can get snippets of information from their favorite news sources by checking their tweets. I follow ABC News’ tweets because I can quickly check breaking news on the go!


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  1. Hi, Stephanie — you can contact *anyone* on Twitter – that’s one of its strengths. That’s an “@” reply. What you can’t do is send someone a direct (private) message unless they are following you.

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