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I agree with the article that Firefox is the best browser to use. I used to use Internet Explorer (IE) and I found that it took too long to load pages and switch between sites I was looking at. I was annoyed and frustrated with IE since I had high speed Internet, yet IE wasn’t moving at a high speed! When I started using Firefox the sites I went to loaded faster and it wasn’t so annoying to wait for IE to load. I am surprised that there aren’t more than 31% of Internet users, using Firefox.

What I think is so great and useful about blogs is, as the article by Mark Briggs “Journalism 2.0 How to Survive and Thrive: A digital literacy guide for the information age, states you can use information you find online, even linking to stories and blogs that might be thought of as “competition” but, in reality, are essentially all part of the virtual community conversation on a given topic (53). I can find articles, links and sources to make my blog stronger. I like to start conversations on blogs and include the link to my blog after my comment, hopefully enticing readers to visit my site, thus increasing traffic to my blog.

The article also explains that blogs aren’t always pretty to look at, but they can be published by anyone who can click a mouse (54-55) While I think it is great that there are free websites, such as WordPress that allows people to blog for free, it is true that anyone can blog and there are some crazy mish-mashed blogs out there. I would pay a monthly fee to WordPress so that this site was on a subscription basis. And please make your blog look pretty if you want traffic/readership! I will immediately click away if a blog is plain, ugly, dis-interesting, doesn’t include links, has no side bar widgets-because who are you and what are you about, is a rant or is just plain trashy!


Comments on: "Please make your blog look pretty if you want traffic/readership!" (1)

  1. What makes a pretty site in your eyes?

    I prefer minimal blog sites, but others like them to be busy. I don’t like videos or too many photos, but others love them.

    The problem is one person’s beauty is another person’s dog’s breakfast.

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