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Steven Johnson’s article “How Will Twitter Change the Way We Live” paints a hopeful picture that Twitter will be here to stay. Will we always want to hear what our friends had for breakfast or what celebrities are doing for fun? Twitter is a one stop shop for all the information you want, based on who you follow.
Johnson explains that injecting Twitter into a conversation fundamentally changes the rules of engagement; it adds a second layer of discussion and brings a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. Yet will Twitter meet its fate like Friendster and MySpace, when the tweens and those using Twitter get bored, and move onto the next social media invention? But Johnson think that in the coming years every major channel with be Twitterfied with News & Opinion, Searching, Advertising and End-User Innovation.
I think Twitter is a catchy, easy, social media tool to get your message out to a broad audience, and fast. I do think there will be another social media tool in the coming years that Twitter has to contend with.

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