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Is Kim Kardashian a Triple Threat?

I was going to do my audio on an article in The New York Times called Without His Mother’s Milk, a Haitian Boy is Lost. I was going to be interviewing a social worker about this topic, but she bailed on me, so I had to change my topic. I decided to pick something that I could ask anyone about, so I choose the topic of Kim Kardashian and Reality TV. I went to the GNC by my house and interviewed a sales associate there.

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Photographers That Stand Out Among The Crowd

1. Ivan Luckie does a great job of capturing that special moment couples share with each other. I like how he brings out the fun in his photos. Follow his @Ivanluckie

2. What I love about Brian Smith’s photos is that he has a head shot of his subjects, and then a quote on the other side of the shot, that the celebrity wrote about art. Follow him @briansmithphoto

3. Mark Delong’s shots are so clear and crisp. My favorite photos of his are ones that he shows in motion. Follow him @MarkDeLongPhoto

4. Jennifer Tai takes beautiful wedding photos. She does close up of her subjects to the right of her photos and has beautiful scenery in the background. Follow her @jennifertai

5. I love how Melissa Johnstone brings her subjects to life through the photographs. She does amazing couple shots that captures the love they have for each other. Follow her @Sugarsoulphoto

Day 3: Fish Over Ice Anyone?

Rainy Day in Red Square, Yet The Colors Come Out To Play

Audio Assignment #2

A)    The New York Times has an article by Dennis Rosen, M.D. titled Without His Mother’s Milk, a Haitian Boy is Lost. The story was very heartfelt to me because Haitian women don’t breast-feed their babies because they believe in “bad milk” — “lèt gate,” in Creole. As Rosen explains it is one of the main reasons for the premature stopping of breast-feeding in Haiti, often with deadly consequences for the infant deprived of safe and dependable nourishment. This story really caught my attention and so I wanted to interview someone on this to get their opinion, particularly someone in the medical field/social worker.

My goal is to draw attention to the problem of malnutrition in Haiti and what it is doing to the babies. I didn’t have any reporting challenges except to find someone to interview.

B)    I prepared the lady I am interviewing by giving her the article and some questions that I want to ask. I met the goals I wanted to because I like this topic better than my original one on Donald Trump potentially running for president in 2012. I learned that being a reporter is very challenging and time consuming, with all the tools you have to use to edit the interview to make it sound interesting. If I had a chance to redo this assignment, I would have looked for a better editing tool than audacity.

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