A Little Bit of Everything I Love!

I want my career to eventually be in screenplay writing, so I did my project on reviewing movies and workout videos, since I am a workout fanatic! My website is titled “The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking.” I thought this was a perfect movie review title because some movies are good, some are bad and some are just plain disastrous! At the top of my website I have pages for movies reviewed and trailers, so it’s easily accessible for visitors. I thought I should add a trailer for the movies I reviewed so that people can see for themselves a little bit more about the movie. From widgets I added a side bar from Social Vibe to help support abused animals because I am an avid animal lover and it’s a cause that is close to my heart.

Also on the site I have categories for movies reviewed and workout DVDs, so that visitors can click on which one they would like and go right to either of those pages. On the right side of the site I have links to local movies theaters, so it’s convenient for people to search for a theater close to where they live. Also on the right I have new movies released at the theater, new releases on DVD, upcoming new releases, archives, a calendar of my blog posts and the ability to search my site. I wanted my site to be as easy to peruse and read as possible, with as much information as I have on there.

The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking!

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