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In the article Blogging as Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Weblog the people being quoted are all out raged that their blogs had been read and violated. I find it surprising that they are outraged, because nothing on the internet is secret, not even your bank account. People need to be more careful about what they air to the public. The high school student who said that the FBI had been reading her blog said she had “only told a few friends about her blog and didn’t intend for it to reach a wider audience.” I think anything put on the web is fair game and anyone can search it, unless you put it on privacy settings. If people really want to write a diary the best way to do so without a person finding out your secrets is to go about it the old school way and buy a diary and hand write in it.

David Weinberger brings up a good point that the confessional nature of blogs has redrawn the line between the private and public dimensions of our lives. I think the world is curious and we want to know the dark secrets of people’s lives, yet if a secret is criticizing your Mormon religion, as one Utah blogger did, she risked alienating her parents. It seems that the world wants to get personal as long as it’s not at them or a matter relating to them.

On a different note, we are so fascinated with celebrity culture and eat up everything about them, yet when a scandal breaks we are so quickly to react, by taking to blogging, tweeting, or what have you. A good example I can think of is Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Rimes was huge in the music industry until she had an affair with Cibrian. People are so made about what she did that her Shape cover sent floods of controversy to the editor. What do we know though? Does America really know what happened? Our sources of information on the tabloids and internet and we believe them, but can we believe them?

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