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Will WikiLeaks Make It?

In light of our class discussion on Thursday about WikiLeaks, I thought the article, “WikiLeaks Struggles to Stay Online After Attacks,” was very appropriate. The article goes on to discuss how WikiLeaks is having trouble with hackers and Amazon isn’t helping because they say that WikiLeaks violated its terms of service (2). I wonder if, because of all the “secret” information getting shared on WikiLeaks, the hackers that are putting EveryDNS.net’s operations at risk, are those who don’t want this information getting out. Due to hackers, WikiLeaks was inoperable on Friday. The article states that it is easy for hackers to conceal their identity (2) which I find weird. Why are hackers able to hide their identity when they are destroying people’s computers? I don’t think that is right, I think hackers should be punished. It makes me furious that people can get away with hacking into computers because their identity can be concealed.

Hackers can compromise thousands of computers through malicious software and then issue commands to the PCs (2). I can’t believe that computers can be hacked into that easily! I feel like no computer will ever fully be safe.

Not only are WikiLeaks ties being cut by Amazon and EveryDNS.net, but PayPal has now severed times with them. PayPal states that their payment services cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity (1). Read more of the article “New Obstacles for WikiLeaks and Founder” at nytimes.com.

When I tried to view WikiLeaks.com I get a message that the site is currently down.


Comments on: "Will WikiLeaks Make It?" (1)

  1. I think the new site is hosted in Sweden or something. I’m sure if you google it you can find it.

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