A Little Bit of Everything I Love!

The five posts I read were Cammy’s, Kathleen’s, Carrie’s, Marci’s and Sean’s.

All identified how nice it is to get and receive news, coupons/deals, information, etc, by all the different expedient websites. I have never heard of LivingSocial.com or Groupon.com, until reading Cammy’s post and her presentation. I checked out Groupon and I have to say that I found it a bit confusing and there weren’t many deals offered at one time, you have to keep checking back for deals. This site seems very time consuming, you could spend all day constantly checking back for coupons. I like the site retailmenot.com because it gives you a list of coupons from your favorite store. It is unlikely that I will visit Groupon again.

Kathleen brought up something in her blog that I thought was interesting and didn’t know, and that was the coverage of Kennedy’s death had America embracing media; it was here to stay. Was this single turn of events though, I wonder what brought America to embrace media? I also thought it was interesting how Kathleen mentioned the time frame and percent of people that were slowly learning about Kennedy’s assassination. In a matter of seconds if a major event happens, all of America and the world would know. There are so many social media outlets that it would be hard not to be infiltrated by the news.

Carrie wrote that MySpace will be including Facebook Connect as part of their redesign efforts, as a last ditch effort to save themselves from distinction. In answer to Carrie’s question, I think MySpace has run its course. I think it is old news and is a has been website. MySpace can try and salvage itself, but Facebook is far surpassed anything that MySpace can add to. I will never use MySpace again.

Marci wrote about Hootsuite.com and how from this website someone can access Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I had never heard of Hootsuite before and I agree that this is a very useful tool, but I also agree with what she says about how safe this really is. Are you giving away too much information about yourself from this site? I do think that on this site too much information is floating throughout cyber-space and would not use this site because of this.

Sean discussed how “we expect convenience and ease when it comes to social media websites, news websites and entertainment.” I agree that we want things to come as easy as possible in life. I feel like the web holds our hand and guides us through the information we are seeking.

All wrote about the ease of social media and how is has become a sweeping storm in our lives. What I wonder is what is going to happen with social media in the years to come? Will we no longer be able to leave our computer because the world will be right at our fingertips?


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