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I want to recommend an excellent read…..

The Tourist Out December 10th

Check Out A Clip of Katy Perry and The Simpsons

Kardashian Konfidential is HERE!

I just bought Kardashian Konfidential and I can’t wait to read it when I’m done with classes on Dec 14th. I’ll keep you posted on my review for the book….stay tuned….!

Will WikiLeaks Make It?

In light of our class discussion on Thursday about WikiLeaks, I thought the article, “WikiLeaks Struggles to Stay Online After Attacks,” was very appropriate. The article goes on to discuss how WikiLeaks is having trouble with hackers and Amazon isn’t helping because they say that WikiLeaks violated its terms of service (2). (more…)

5 Different Ideas, All Encompassing the World of Social Media

The five posts I read were Cammy’s, Kathleen’s, Carrie’s, Marci’s and Sean’s.

All identified how nice it is to get and receive news, coupons/deals, information, etc, by all the different expedient websites. I have never heard of LivingSocial.com or Groupon.com, until reading Cammy’s post and her presentation. I checked out Groupon and I have to say that I found it a bit confusing and there weren’t many deals offered at one time, you have to keep checking back for deals. This site seems very time consuming, you could spend all day constantly checking back for coupons. I like the site retailmenot.com because it gives you a list of coupons from your favorite store. It is unlikely that I will visit Groupon again. (more…)

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