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The article “A survey of telecoms convergence-Your television is ringing” feels really outdated. Well I guess it would be since new technologies evolve all the time and this article was written in 2006. The article discusses how convergence allows consumers to use any service under any circumstances they choose to (2). This is what makes convergence the most valuable. I look at Google.com, Bing.com and Ask.com to search for products, prices and information. Convergence also allow us (the consumers) the luxury of creating our own websites for free, allowing us to embrace technology.

What I didn’t know was that the technology industry had spent tons of money to build a new fibre-optic network in the late 90’s, but probably because I was young at that time. I didn’t know that there was a crash then because of the traffic that never existed. The article said that people that are familiar with the telecom area may have déjà vu from the convergence they are again trying to implement. I don’t think there will be a crash this time around because there are so many people who are using fibre-optic network services. There is such a surge in technology that I don’t think it’s likely to crash, only move along from here. Technology is used; in I would guess almost every sector of our lives. From the grocery store, bank, work, school, etc…..

As much as technology is fazing out jobs, it is, at the same time opening doors for new and evolving sectors in technology. I feel like there is some much I can do online for work. I want to go into marketing/public relations and no longer do you have to rely on the grassroots approach because you can hit so many avenues for your company with online technologies. I think having the technology aspect a part of a company is good because it allows for less paper costs, time spent flyering, and more time can be spend on a campaign plan.


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