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I love cyber shopping! After reading the article In a Holiday Indicator, Retailers Say Online Sales Remain Strong I realized what a good, especially online consumer I am! As much as I like to shop I dread trying to find parking and then sliding past people in the 5in space the store deems an aisle! The convenience of not having to deal with a checkout line nor a sales associate continuously asking if they can help you or “Are you doing alright,” is what prompts me to shop online. I also find that you can search the web to get better coupon deals than the deals in the store. Not only does black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) offer great deals but there is cyber-Monday that started five years ago. I think cyber-Monday is a great idea because so many people have black Friday off that the internet and stores are a mess with frenzied people. I tried to get online at Express and American Eagle on black Friday and couldn’t get onto either. I think the servers crashed because of all the people shopping. For instances when people can’t get online for a deal, it seems only consumer friendly to “put [up deals] Thursday through Monday,” as Charlie Graham, the founder and chief executive of ShopItToMe.com explains.

Zappos.com, although higher priced that other online retailers, they offer free overnight shipping. Zappos has always been true to their word because I have received everything I’ve purchased on time. I needed a dress for a Gala event on Saturday and I ordered the dress that Thursday before and I received the dress the next day! I highly recommend Zappos.com. Their customer service is quick and efficient.
On Friday Target.com was offering $3.99 for many DVD’s. Instead of fighting the crowd to a probably over picked shelf, you could shop from the comfort of your computer! I would rather peruse the online shop that be reaching over someone to grab the last Date Night DVD!
I think online shopping is better than going to the mall or store. I would do absolutely everything online if I could. Online saves me so much time since I go to school full-time and work two jobs. Just because people shop online I don’t think it means they’re lazy, but nowadays people just lead busier lives. If it weren’t for online shopping I wouldn’t have as much time to do other time consuming things (such as homework)!

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  1. I agree about shopping online saving time & not having to deal with the craziness! One of my new favorite features is being able to read people’s comments about a product before I purchase online. I recently bought a leaf blower/vac/mulcher and spent probably an hour reading the comments about three different brands before purchasing. While I spent more time than I would have in the store, I think I got the best product for my money.

  2. I also read comments about product descriptions to see which brand is best and I also search for the best deal. For instance I just bought a mini-pet vac and I looked at Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Fred Meyer to which company offered the best deal for a reasonable price. I think that online shopping offers you this better benefit than in the store because in the store you can only go off of what the box says.

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  4. So glad to hear it’s finally coming back :)

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