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Stream Hulu to Your TV Today!

A great new software is streaming to your home soon, called Orb TV. I think this a great invention and I’m excited to purchase it! The shows that you watch on Hulu and other online services can be streamed directly to your television. There is a control that needs to be purchased in order to run this service and it plugs directly into your television via cables. What’s great is that you stream the content from Orb software (which is free) via your computer to you television! There are many cable channels that I want but they are a lot extra to purchase for my cable package.

This software will be great so that I am able to watch the shows through my TV that I normally watch on Hulu via my computer. Chief executive and founder Joe Costello of Orb Networks says “he believes the simplicity of his new product will separate the Orb from other digital video goods.” This is a good point Costello makes because I wonder what will happen to major cable conglomerates Verizon, Comcast, and Directv? If the streaming of Hulu to my TV is good quality, I will cancel my cable services and watch cable channels for free. I think if enough people catch onto this concept it will slowly put companies that service cable out of businesses. There probably still will be those people who don’t want to convert to this software, but for the majority, I think it will catch on. This reminds me of how everyone had a land-line and then cell phones came out and now cell phones are people’s home, office, work, etc. Right when cell phones were taking effect, people weren’t making as many calls on a payphone and I remember the payphone calling rates slowly went up and up and up.

What will be great that this service also offers is the ability to play YouTube, ESPN3, Comedy Central and Netflix videos! No longer will I have to strain my eyes to watch music videos on YouTube or wait for my videos to come in the mail from Netflix!


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