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Snowy Nite

Reach for the NY Sky

I feel like the song Empire State of Mind is such an inspiration to reach for your dreams!

Fabulous Evening Dress

Isn’t this Alexander McQueen dress fabulous! I this dress can be styled with sophisticated and sexy accessories. Check out more dress at Boutiques.com

College Fashion!

I found a great College Fashion website while searching for fashion blogs!


Can you believe how great Cher looks! Check out the trailer for Burlesque.

And check out the article on her in the NY Times.

Stream Hulu to Your TV Today!

A great new software is streaming to your home soon, called Orb TV. I think this a great invention and I’m excited to purchase it! The shows that you watch on Hulu and other online services can be streamed directly to your television. There is a control that needs to be purchased in order to run this service and it plugs directly into your television via cables. (more…)

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