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Dave Morin who helped construct Facebook Connect and the Facebook Platform has left the company this year to start his own company called Path for photo sharing. Morin said “it is not another social network he has created, but a personal network.” Morin also goes on to say that “if you look at how these networks [have grown] they start out really high-quality and as more and more people join, it becomes hard to find people you care about.” This is one of the main reasons that I do not have a Facebook account. I think that the original reason for Facebook-for college students-to connect has gotten out of hand with online dating, pedophiles, teenager use, and scantily-clad dressed people. Facebook is more than social networking where you peers can peep into your every move, if you post personal information to your page.

What is also great about Path is that only your friends can view your pictures and not acquaintances who might feel left out that they weren’t invited to your fabulous party, after seeing the pics! This is also good for people who don’t want to post incriminating party pics because their employer could potentially see them.

I really like the idea behind Path. Path is a site for people to share photos with only their trusted friends. When photos are posted on Facebook, you never know what kind of people are looking at them. I think it would be a good idea for Path to be able to integrate Photo Shop (PS) into their app. Think about those red eye pictures or the ones that just aren’t flattering of you, but the rest of your friends look good, and you’d post if it wasn’t for how you looked. If there was an option for Photo Shop on the app, I think it would make Path much more marketable. If PS was offered people could spruce up their pics and post them immediately!

I also thought this article made a great comment about how people already using sites such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pink, Foursquare, Google Buzz and are probably getting a intense occurrence of social-networking fatigue when asked to join another networking site. I feel like there are so many social networking sites and once I get signed up with one there’s a better one people are telling you to join and then a better one, and a better one, etc. When will the social craziness end and just find a few legit sites! Read the article on him at nytimes.com.

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