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Google just ventured into a world that only fashionista mavens will appreciate! Their new site Boutiques.com launched today and I’m already in heaven! The better a clothing site looks the more apt I will be to venture further into it and Boutiques.com hits the nail on the head with this one! I am very impressed by the set up and execution of the site. Boutiques.com has great organization, appearance and uniqueness. I give the site four stars in each category!

This site has a compilation of hundreds of virtual boutiques of merchandise by designers, retailers, bloggers, celebrities and “regular people.” What I think is great about the site is it isn’t overly cluttered and gives the viewer just enough material so they’ll want to click on links to venture further in. On the main page there are tabs for celebrity, designer, blogger, retailer, trend, style genre, featured, popular, recent and create your own. Under each tab it shows how many followers there are and then also gives the option to follow. If there is a particular celebrity style that you have been eyeing and they signed up for the launch of Boutique.com then you can shop their style. Carey Mulligan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the celebrities that have signed up. Or if you have you own style genre, you can build your own boutique and gather followers who can comment on you flavor of style.

I bought these plaid rain boots and I know they go great with winter wear, but I’d like to be able to wear something more stylish with them because they are super cute.  I can look no further than the inspiration panel and they adjust to my style preference and show me street-style photos of how to wear them. It’s “like a support group that can read you mind with surprising precision.” This site has the creativity and appearance for fashion that other major websites such as Amazon and Ebay lack.


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