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Archive for November 17, 2010

Oh My…High Heels with Sweats!

Google just ventured into a world that only fashionista mavens will appreciate! Their new site Boutiques.com launched today and I’m already in heaven! The better a clothing site looks the more apt I will be to venture further into it and Boutiques.com hits the nail on the head with this one! I am very impressed by the set up and execution of the site. Boutiques.com has great organization, appearance and uniqueness. I give the site four stars in each category! (more…)


What There’s an Online Exclusive! Will Online Shopping be the Only Way To Go Soon?

I want to say how convenient online shopping is for me and that shopping online almost always has online exclusives only, which I love. Given people’s busy lives, do you think the online shopping market will push the physical stores out of business, since you can even do your grocery shopping online?

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