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Timeline for Site

Each week I am reviewing at least 3 movies and/or workout videos. Everything is coming along well. My site is a work in progress because I am trying to have it look as professional as possible, so that I can be confident to show future employers.


To be able to show future employers my work. I want to eventually be a screenplay writer and I think this site will help me in my future work.


To hopefully have this as a site job, and gain advertisement on it.


It’s hard to specify a time-line because I am on track by reviewing as many movies and workout videos as I can. I try and review at least three a week. I am still working on the site. Because I’m not a novice at html I’m having a hard time making the site look exactly as I have envisioned it and this is also probably because I am using a WordPress template. I want to be able to add side content about upcoming movies, new dvd releases, but I feel like I am hitting a wall on this.


I want to have a website that is (hopefully) one of the main go-to movie review sites, (this is my dream)! But in general I love movies and want to get as much experience blogging as I can!


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