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Overview of my Presentation

I thought that my presentation went very well and I was pleasantly surprised! I get nervous when I have to give a speech, but I am very interested in the topic I presented so I think that helped. I enjoyed putting the PowerPoint presentation together and rating the movie review sites. I felt like an official reviewer, (like Roger Ebert) it was a lot of fun! (more…)

Timeline for Site

Each week I am reviewing at least 3 movies and/or workout videos. Everything is coming along well. My site is a work in progress because I am trying to have it look as professional as possible, so that I can be confident to show future employers. (more…)

Discussion Leader

I am going to be showing the class 5 different movie review websites. I have created a list of what I think are the 5, all different movie review sites for film fanatics come to hang out, discuss movies, get information about that latest films and upcoming releases, and meet other cinephiles!

I chose this topic because it will tie into my final portfolio project. I am rating the 5 sites based on their organization, appearance and uniqueness. I want to show how different social network movie sites attract different viewers based on their content.

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