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I found it surprisingly interesting that McKinsey’s research conducted in Germany finds that motives such as desire for fame was a 65% cause for people wanting to participate in uploading videos. Not just with video sharing sites, but also for bloggers, I think this is the main cause for using or starting a site. Perez Hilton is a prime example, showing how starting a blog can lead you to fame. Also bloggers that tag other photos or share them, leave posts, comments, or rants on blogs, their information is getting seen by many people and I also think their motivation is to get fame, sometimes whether it is go or bad.

It is kind of scary to think how all these social network sites are connected because these sites I think open a portal for bullies (especially the recent acts of bulling) and for people’s names and images to get trashed all over the world. This leads to another point the McKinsey article makes, that executives should pursue projects, identify and nurture the small percentage of users who post quality content (2). I admit that I love some of the social media sites, but there needs to be more watchful eyes from the executive level on the content that people post, just as YouTube does. Because a lot of the social media sites are free there isn’t the budget to pay a lot of execs, but after all these recent cases of teenagers killing themselves because of their content on the web, I think that someone needs to step up from these social sites and monitor activity. I think Flickr is popular because it is free, unless you want to pay $2 a month to get better content sharing or $25 for the best content sharing for a year.

Sites that are free are a gateway for teenagers who have a low income and want to have fun, and then that fun can get out of hand. I think that all social media sites should charge a fee. An example of quality over quantity is the dating sites Ok Cupid versus Match.com. They have the same content, but because Match.com charges and because of that I think they are able to filter the good and the bad content.

Companies should also create transparent and enforceable guidelines to prohibit unethical or illegal behavior (McKinsey 3) such as YouTube and Wikipedia does.


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