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I actually found it very hard to try and find a good angle to lead a discussion. I wanted to my discussion to tie into my final project, which is a digital portfolio doing movie reviews. I wanted the discussion to also benefit my blog and research about how other blogs are reviewing movies. I was struggling for a few days to find a good site to lead discussion on when I came upon the site that offered a rundown of the top 10 movie sites and now I just needed to figure out how to incorporate this into a discussion for the class. Again I pondered how I would present my findings in an interesting and cohesive fashion. I decided to take each website on movie reviews and give them each a separate PowerPoint slide and then give each a star rating based on organization, appearance, readability and uniqueness. Those are all the things that I look for a site to have, to want to continue looking at it, so that’s how I decided I would base my star points.

I found many great sites that I have not heard of before and at the same time I found what I would like to add to blog and what I think will look good and what I don’t think will look so good. Once I got my layout on my PowerPoint slides I felt like my writers block was hazily being removed. I could envision what I wanted to show the class, but it didn’t seem to come out on the computer as I wanted. I’m not a graphic designer and so that was frustrating me that I couldn’t make the PowerPoint as unique as I wanted it to look. I think I have really interesting information to present on the different movie review sites that I’m discussing. I just hope the class feels the same way!


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