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In a World of Sue Happy People, You Need to Find Your Voice

I found the article “Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers)” by Dan Gillmor very insightful and astonishing. I can’t believe how cruel and sue happy this world has become; well I kind of can given the infamous “spilled coffee” incident at McDonald’s. I think people need to realize that where ever and whatever you publish in the world; your writing is subject to cruelty and criticism. Glenn Reynolds states that blogging tends to be more about opinion than reporting (194), and having the privilege of starting blogs to instigate your freedom of speech can open up flood gates to fuel the fire for attack. One-hundred percent of the world is not going to agree with what a person has to say and for every ten comments on a blog there is one negative one. You have to expect it as a blogger and take it with a grain of salt. That’s why I think it was ridiculous that Ticketmaster sued Microsoft because they deep linked directly to the ticket page than to their homepage. People just have to find any little thing to sue and then run with it. I think Microsoft was doing Ticketmaster a favor by evening linking to their site in the first place. I cannot say how annoyed this made me when I read it, especially when all Ticketmaster had to do was stop referrals. (more…)


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