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Movie Reviews And Ratings

I Googled movie reviews and ratings and I got many great links that related to this search. When I searched for movie reviews and ratings on Bing, this site gave me almost the same exact links as Google. Delicious, like Google and Bing had a lot of the same sites, but what I really liked about Delicious is that it’s easier to read. Almost as if it is formatted like a menu. Google and Bing could be twins in the cyber world, they are so identical and I use both to search, and always get 90% of the same search results.

On Delicious what I thought was good is that for each link there is a sub link. I have never visited this site before, but now I’m going to use it for my search engines. I though Twitter was the worst to read. There are words all over and it’s hard to see which tweets are related to your search. I also feel like Twitter is unorganized compared to the other sites.

What I thought was interesting about this assignment, and I could be delving too deep, but Kathy was having us search 4 different and popular search sites and comparing and contrasting them; as she had a do with our sites last week, to compare and contrast our potential competitors. Upon looking at these different sites, and finding one I’d never used before (Delicious) I saw how the sites either worked or didn’t work when searching for topics. I think Kathy wanted us to see how even professional sites have their errors and to see how to design a site so that it’s easy for the readers and yourself to navigate. Twitter was an example of what I don’t want my site to look like. There was a mumbo jumbo of words right on top of each other. This looked unattractive and not professional.

Just like anything there is always a new and improved way to do something!


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