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Portfolio Plan


Thesis: To manage a movie site that is the go to place for readers to find: top box office movies for the week, new movies playing, movies coming soon to DVD, the most anticipated movies coming out and the top DVD rentals of the week.

Goal: My goal is to eventually be able to manage this website as a side job and for advertisers to want to advertise on my site.

Purpose: The purpose, if anything for my site is to have it as a portfolio for future employers to see a long term project that I have been working on.


Week of 11/8- Name, purpose, and audience

Week of 11/15- Audience, design ideas, WP account

By the time the project is due I will have an amateur website that encompasses movie reviews, a personal journal and newly released DVDs.

My existing content so far has nothing related to my topic of movie reviews and is just brain storming ideas. My wish list content is to be able to make the site look as professional as I can and have trailers of the movies that I’m reviewing embedded in the site. I want to have a personal touch on the side that is about my favorites, whether it be great restaurants or books or events I’ve gone to, but I want 90% of the site to be dedicated to movies. I would love to be able to have a picture gallery of the celebrities photographed on the red carpet at movie premieres. I don’t want the site to just be written content and that’s why I’d like a photo gallery.


I don’t know if I’m reaching too far in the sky, but in order for me to feel like the project has been a success, is if I am able to get advertisers to want to put their products on my site.  Or if people, other than classmates who come to my site comment on it, so that I know people are looking at it.


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