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How My Competitors Stack Up

1) The three sites I looked at were:




I found Roger Ebert’s website to be very dull and not attractive to the eye. Ebert’s background color is tan, which I think is not flattering for an entertainment website. I did like, that on the right side of the website Ebert had Roger Ebert’s Journal which has blurbs on topics other than movies. I think his journal gives the site a personal touch. I thought it was very helpful and a good touch to add several different categories that included: latest reviews, still playing, new on DVD, coming on DVD and great movies on DVD.

I thought the website movie.com was too busy. This website had a lot going on and my eyes weren’t sure where to look. What I really liked, that the website offered on it, was being able to search for movie times by entering your zip code, city or state. What made this site stand out from the others was that it offered trailers. This site also displayed movies box office profits and DVD’s of the week.

The website rottentomatoes.com was my favorite site, and although it was busy I thought it was organized very well. The categories on Rotten Tomatoes are structured clearly so it was easy to navigate the links. What links I thought were the most relevant and fit with a  movie review site was the top box office, opening, coming soon, most anticipated, top rented movies and new on DVD.

What I have learned after looking at these three movie sites is that I want to have a lot of different movie information, without a dull background or making my site overcrowded. I want to have my own journal on the blog such as Roger Ebert does, because I think that gives the site a personal touch, that many websites don’t have.

I had originally thought do to just a straight forward movie review site, that is until I looked at the other sites. I think just doing movie reviews would be boring and not bring my site a lot of attention. I want to expand on what the site Rotten Tomatoes did and add top box office movies for the week, new movies playing, movies coming soon to DVD, the most anticipated movies coming out and the top DVD rentals.


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