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Update on Where I’m at with my Website

I have almost all the content I need for my website. I am still trying to review a few more movies to be able to add to the site. I have everything on private now and am waiting to get all my content before making my site live.



My Ideas of Persuasion

A non profit company called the One Club for Art and Copy in New York will honor the top 10 campaigns of what it’s deeming as the Digital Decade. This article explains why these 10 campaigns are best in their field from 2001 to 2010.

Save $300+ dollars in thirty days! This article in Cosmopolitan gives 9 tips for how to save this kind of money.

Online Shopping Just Got Better!

I love cyber shopping! After reading the article In a Holiday Indicator, Retailers Say Online Sales Remain Strong I realized what a good, especially online consumer I am! As much as I like to shop I dread trying to find parking and then sliding past people in the 5in space the store deems an aisle! The convenience of not having to deal with a checkout line nor a sales associate continuously asking if they can help you or “Are you doing alright,” is what prompts me to shop online. (more…)

Dinner, Family and a Movie; Bonding in the Living Room

I thought that the article “Eight Traits of the New Media Landscape” by Henry Jenkins made really valid points about social media today and I’d like to focus on some of the points made. Sociologist Linda Stone summed it up best about what she calls “continuous partial attention,” shifting focus between mediated and face to face inputs as different needs arrive. I think because of how much social media has overtaken our lives people’s attention spans are shorter and concentration is harder to maintain. Even family lives nowadays I think have contributed to people’s attitudes and attention spans. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving

The A-List New York

What happens when the real housewives meet wealthy gay men, a new reality show called the A-List New York? Has anyone seen this show?

Q: Avatar’s in the Future?

Given all the technological advances, do you think we will have our own Avatar’s in the future?

Our Own Avatar: Could this be the Anti-Aging Remedy So Many People Search For

(Stéphane Bouchard, of University of Quebec in Ottawa)

As Gary, a 47-year-old public servant’s heart slows down, he sees the crowd start to mellow out. But what he sees may not be what is really there. His therapist quickly tells him that the audience’s reaction might not have anything to do with him. But Gary worries he doesn’t have all the answers. Again his therapist reassures him that it’s ok to not know everything, no one does. Removing his headset Gary realized the audience was simulated. (more…)

Merry (Almost) Christmas!

Another great “old school” song to get you into the Christmas spirit!

Snowy Nite

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