A Little Bit of Everything I Love!

Designing a blog is like designing your house, it brings out your personality. I like to see bold, fun, wild colors on blogs! The one difference between our student blogs and mainstream blogs is that there aren’t distracting advertisements, which is the one thing that I can’t stand on blogs. Advertisements are a waste of space to me. In analyzing Rowdy Sargent’s, Soeun Soun’s, Amelia Cole’s and Amy Ginther’s blogs none of them had bold backgrounds.

Sargent, Soun, Cole all had white backgrounds, and Ginther’s is black. Soun had a strip of design at the top, while Cole had black one. I really don’t like plain colored backgrounds. If someone is going to choose a plain color for their background, I would prefer some designs on the side of the blog. An example of what I mean is how Khloe Kardashian’s blog is designed. My mindless indulgence is reading her blog! Kardashian’s background is white and she added images to the side, and to me that made the blog!

Ginther’s blog is very easy on the eyes to read and her about section is readily obtainable without having to search her blog, which I appreciate. I think Cole’s cartoon picture of herself adds that pop that her blog needs and I love it, (I want to know how to get one for my blog)! The image gives attitude that her blog otherwise didn’t have. Sargents about section is the easiest to navigate. Overall, Cole’s is my favorite because she has everything categorized very easily and her cartoon self!

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