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Yesterday’s Out, Today’s In

The web today is an emergence of radio, books, television, shopping, writing, reading, skyping, learning; you name it Google or Bing can find it. The interaction of reading and writing on the Web has made it the sweeping phenomenon that it has become today. Not only can I read about events/stories/experiences on my favorite blogs, but I can interact and post my comments/suggestions/stories. The rise of the mutual want to get intimate on the Web is what makes this central port a means for all information that is at our fingertips. Dan Gillmor in his chapter titled “The Read-Write Web” was explaining how he got his coverage of the recent presidential campaign, while in Hong Kong from several different sources that ranged from CNN, to newspaper’s websites in the States and articles on the Web about the election. I also get my news from a range of different sites. (more…)


Designing a Blog is like Designing Your House

Designing a blog is like designing your house, it brings out your personality. I like to see bold, fun, wild colors on blogs! The one difference between our student blogs and mainstream blogs is that there aren’t distracting advertisements, which is the one thing that I can’t stand on blogs. Advertisements are a waste of space to me. In analyzing Rowdy Sargent’s, Soeun Soun’s, Amelia Cole’s and Amy Ginther’s blogs none of them had bold backgrounds. (more…)

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