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Is Social Media Failing Us?

Shane Richmond’s article titled, “Ours, Theirs and the Bloggers’ Zones: Compatible, Yet Different” made some very interesting points that I had not thought about. Richmond explains that describing someone as a Sun reader implies certain things about them that are very different from the assumptions one would make about a Mail reader or a Guardian reader. These same assumptions can be made about people who read magazines. I read In Touch because I love celebrity gossip (it’s my mindless indulgence), I read Cosmopolitan and I subscribe to Lucky so that I can see the latest shopping finds and deals. Just based off the magazines I read, one can make a good assumption about my personality. Magazine genres range from cooking, to design, to tattoo, to relationships, to gossip and I think define people’s characteristics.

The article, “We the Media” is right that television stations prefer to attract viewers by airing shows that are high in entertainment and violence. Look at shows such as the Jersey Shore. These young adults are making millions by drinking excessively, acting foolish and physically attacking one another. And America loves it. The cast has calendars, bobble head dolls, posters, clothing lines and acting gigs. Theses reality stars have boosted MTV ratings off of their obnoxiously entertaining behavior. Reality television is also “cheaper than serious reporting” (We the Media). Reality producers hire people that are anonymous and offer them a salary extremely less than a known actor would get paid and it’s essentially a win-win for both parties. Consumers do allow themselves to be led astray from serious reporting by the producers of mindless television, but is that such a bad idea? I actually love reality TV. After working full-time and going to school full-time, my brain in working on overdrive, I love to relax in front of the television for some catty banter that makes me chuckle after a stressful day.

As much as I think social media has been great for society, it isn’t always used efficiently. YouTube was originally for musicians to get their music out to the world. I think that society has taken this site to a whole new level. People post make-up tutorials, kids are doing skits and pets are being shown off. Not that these are necessarily bad things to video, but the real reason for YouTube has gotten slightly skewed. Just as YouTube has gotten away from the original reason for the site, the rise of corporate America has been a push in favor of the big over the small companies and the lack of direction or rules that society follows.

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