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Social Media: Sweeping the World by Storm

The discussion topic for my group on Tuesday October 26 was, at what point should professional journalists and news broadcasters be given sole reporting authority for a story? In today’s whirlwind of social media and the endless ways of connecting and publishing on blogs, websites, etc, I don’t think there is a way to give broadcasters the sole responsibility of reporting. Even if broadcasters were the only ones reporting a story there would still be people who would find their own way of reporting, via their facebook, twitter, myspace, or blog account. Ben Lorica reports that there are over 300 million active users on facebook right now and with that enormous amount of users and the numbers growing, there’s no way to control the surge of amateur reporting. (more…)

New Side to Movie Reviewing

I initially wanted to create a movie review blog, where I would see a newly released movie every Friday at the theater. I realized that I wouldn’t have enough blogging for my project and also this would get expensive. I really like to read reviews on movies, but tend to feel that a lot of the reviewers are biased towards particular actors/actress and/or genres. (more…)

Hulu & Fast Pass TV Vs. TV Networks & Theaters

How has the emergence of being able to watch movies and television shows on sites such as Fast Pass TV and Hulu affected the viewing rates for networks and movie theaters, if it has at all?


Yesterday’s Out, Today’s In

The web today is an emergence of radio, books, television, shopping, writing, reading, skyping, learning; you name it Google or Bing can find it. The interaction of reading and writing on the Web has made it the sweeping phenomenon that it has become today. Not only can I read about events/stories/experiences on my favorite blogs, but I can interact and post my comments/suggestions/stories. The rise of the mutual want to get intimate on the Web is what makes this central port a means for all information that is at our fingertips. Dan Gillmor in his chapter titled “The Read-Write Web” was explaining how he got his coverage of the recent presidential campaign, while in Hong Kong from several different sources that ranged from CNN, to newspaper’s websites in the States and articles on the Web about the election. I also get my news from a range of different sites. (more…)

Designing a Blog is like Designing Your House

Designing a blog is like designing your house, it brings out your personality. I like to see bold, fun, wild colors on blogs! The one difference between our student blogs and mainstream blogs is that there aren’t distracting advertisements, which is the one thing that I can’t stand on blogs. Advertisements are a waste of space to me. In analyzing Rowdy Sargent’s, Soeun Soun’s, Amelia Cole’s and Amy Ginther’s blogs none of them had bold backgrounds. (more…)

Project Ideas

Ideas for Discussion:

1) Production companies tactics for promoting movies via blogs.

2) Hulu’s effect on the entertainment and television industry.

3) For my personal portfolio: Movie reviews-watch a new movie every Friday-this is the project I really want to do and what would pertain to my future employment!


Social Media Addicts Anonymous: Is this where the world is headed?

Have Some Internet With Your coffee?

Is Social Media Failing Us?

Shane Richmond’s article titled, “Ours, Theirs and the Bloggers’ Zones: Compatible, Yet Different” made some very interesting points that I had not thought about. Richmond explains that describing someone as a Sun reader implies certain things about them that are very different from the assumptions one would make about a Mail reader or a Guardian reader. These same assumptions can be made about people who read magazines. I read In Touch because I love celebrity gossip (it’s my mindless indulgence), I read Cosmopolitan and I subscribe to Lucky so that I can see the latest shopping finds and deals. Just based off the magazines I read, one can make a good assumption about my personality. Magazine genres range from cooking, to design, to tattoo, to relationships, to gossip and I think define people’s characteristics. (more…)

Identity: Your Blog Is Your Fingerprint

Appeal to your reader, get your voice steady and firm. Don’t overload your reader with images, but make your blog colorful. Make sure to blog effectively and have readers chasing you down, wanting more.

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